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Quality construction goes into Nationwide Lifts’ Jeeves systems.
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Improved Convenience & Safety With a Dumbwaiter

Two Jeeves Models for Massachusetts Homes & Businesses

Take convenience to a new level with a Jeeves Dumbwaiter from Nationwide Lifts. Instead of carrying heavy items up a set of stairs, slide your basket, box, or container inside the dumbwaiter’s cab and press the controls. All you have to do, then, is go to your destination unencumbered.

Nationwide Lifts exceeds standard dumbwaiter designs with our Jeeves line. For the user, commands and operation are clear. A commercial-grade rail and trolley system creates a sturdy path from floor to floor, with a maintenance-free motor-gear assembly and safety features ensuring a dependable ride.

Nationwide Lifts offers two residential and commercial dumbwaiter models:

Jeeves Econolift

Stay within your budget while alleviating carrying and lifting with the Jeeves Econolift Dumbwaiter. A commercial-grade rail and trolley system merges with a maintenance-free motor-gear assembly and a cable drive to create a smooth, reliable path between floors.

Maintenance-Free Motor-Gear

Select from 100 and 150-pound capacities for a residential dumbwaiter featuring a finished birch cab. An economical cable-drive system moves it between up to three stops at a speed of 30 feet per minute. The device travels a maximum distance of 35 feet.


Jeeves Pro Dumbwaiter

For supporting larger loads, the Jeeves Pro offers the capacity a Massachusetts business needs. Select from 125-, 250-, 300-, and 500-pound models that operate up to 70 feet per minute. This dumbwaiter, too, travels up to 80 feet over six stops. A powder-coated steel cab (stainless steel cab optional) provides long-lasting usage, while the door varies with each capacity.

Technical Specs

The dumbwaiter cab comes with a rollup or bi-parting gate. The landing doors may be bi-parting or swing doors. The landing doors are available in primed steel or stainless steel.