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Stair Lifts

All products come standard with several safety sensors and features
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Indy Stair Lifts for Massachusetts Homes & Commercial Buildings

Indy Stair Lifts for Massachusetts Homes & Commercial Buildings

For some homeowners, there comes a time when a staircase turns into an obstruction. It's moderate convenience develop into a hurdle every time you or a family member must overcome to reach a second floor, get down to the basement, or even to enter or leave your own Massachusetts property. When this scenario starts to become more and more apparent, a stair lift turns into a necessity.
With a wide selection encompassing narrow stair lifts to platform options for wheelchairs, Nationwide Lifts has Massachusetts home and business owners prepared with a device suited to every individual's mobility needs.

Indy Pinnacle

Our most compact model offers a design perfectly suited to narrow stairways.

Narrow & Efficient

When folded, it sits just 11 inches from the wall.

Indy Lux

Nationwide Lifts brings together adjustable features and a compact design with the Indy Lux, a stair lift that supports up to 600 pounds while accommodating multiple body types.

Luxury & Functionality

The stitched seat gives this lift a luxury look and feel.

Indy Curve

A custom-designed model exactly accommodates your mobility needs and your Massachusetts home's design.

Custom & Efficiency

Capabilities are similar to the Indy Lux.

Indy Outdoor

It's no secret Massachusetts experiences cold, snowy winters, so why not have an outdoor stair lift that lasts through all conditions?

Durable & All-Weather

Accommodating up to 350 pounds, this outdoor model keeps the elements out with multiple weather-tight covers and attaches directly to your stairs.

Indy XL

Prepare to accommodate a variety of body types with the Indy XL, a heavy-duty stair lift that supports up to 600 pounds.

Heavy-Duty & Supportive

It offers a 25-inch swivel seat and reinforced, heavy-duty design.

Indy Platform

Based on the Indy Pinnacle, the Indy Platform sits close to the wall while supporting wheelchairs and motor scooters with a 25"x36" non-skid surface (other sizes available).

Versatile & Accommodating

For safety and convenience, all Indy Stair Lifts are equipped with safety sensors that quickly detect obstructions.