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Wheel Chair Lifts

All product come standard with several safety sensors and features
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Improved Exterior & Interior Accessibility with Wheelchair Lifts

Vertical & Inclined Options for Massachusetts Homes & Buildings

When a ramp only does half the job of accessibility, expand your Massachusetts home or building with a wheelchair lift.

Nationwide Lifts' Apex line takes all possible scenarios into account: entering a home or building from the outside, and navigating its floors effectively and thoroughly once indoors. As such, our vertical and inclined wheelchair lifts get you, customers, and employees where they need to go, all while being ADA compliant.

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

Moving in a straight line from the ground level to a higher floor, vertical wheelchair lifts operate with a screw or hydraulic drive system. Systems support up to 750 pounds with a skid-free, 34-inch by 54-inch platform (other sizes available) and come equipped with side panels and safety sensors.

Apex Green

Nationwide Lifts' economical, screw-driven wheelchair lift takes users up to a height of 14 feet.

Convenient & Durable

The screw drive lift is ideal for outdoor conditions.

Apex Hydro

This vertical hydraulic lift gives a smooth, consistent ride over a 14-foot maximum distance.

Aesthetic & Functional

For operation, the Apex Hydro’s 36”x54” platform while supporting up to 750 pounds and does not require a machine room.

Apex Complete

If you're looking for a fully-enclosed wheelchair lift, the Apex Complete combines this feature with the functionality of the Apex Green or Apex Hydro to travel up to 14 feet over 2-3 stops.

Technical Specs

Painted steel, clear acrylic, or tinted acrylic panels and corrosion-resistant aluminum create the enclosure.

Apex Elite

Experience the highest level of luxury and convenience with the Apex Elite. With a custom design made out of stainless steel, this lift makes a great functional and aesthetic addition to high-end commercial buildings and homes.


Each features glass walls and glass doors.

Inclined Wheelchair Lifts

A track mounted to a wall or posts along a staircase takes a platform from floor to floor. Models may be customized to a home's or building's specific angles, contours, and design.

Delta IPL

Built for straight stairs, a 30-inch by 49-inch platform (other sizes available) can travel up to a 82-foot maximum distance and folds up to get out of the way.


The entire system supports up to 550 or 660 pounds.

Omega IPL

A cable-drive system propels this lift with a 30-inch by 49-inch platform (other sizes available) up to a maximum distance of 164 feet, which can cover multiple floors in a home or commercial building.


It supports up to 550 pounds.