I read a recent, online article in the New York Times, “Dumbwaiters on the rise in New Homes and Renovations,” by Leigh Kamping-Carder and agree that nostalgia is making a comeback to some extent. A well manufactured dumbwaiter installed properly by a licensed elevator mechanic or factory certified technician will provide an economically feasible and safe way to move groceries, holiday decorations, recyclables, laundry and luggage between the multi-levels of a home.
The pricing mentioned in the article seems very accurate, although I cringed watching the short video clip. It depicts a “modern” dumbwaiter being hand- cranked-up by a thick rope? This is ludicrous and a system like this puts “dumb” in “dumbwaiters.” This may have been the industry standard back in the early 1900’s, but today’s code compliant dumbwaiters are manufactured to work automatically and travel up to 30 feet per minute. I would not want to hand crank trays of food and wine up five flights to my roof top deck!
Today’s code compliant dumbwaiters have several safety features such as, stationary (hoist way) doors at each landing that stay locked until the dumbwaiter arrives. Today’s code compliant dumbwaiter is programmed not to move while a hoist way door is open. Today’s code compliant dumbwaiter will also have a gate attached to the moving cart to keep items secure during travel. Today’s code compliant, residential dumbwaiter will last the life of a mortgage, will definitely contribute to easy living in a multi-level home and should be re-named “smart-waiter.”
To read the New York Times, “Dumbwaiters on the rise in New Homes and Renovations” article, click here.